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Transition to MeshCentral2

Work on Meshcentral started in late 2008 and over the years, it's grown a lot. When MeshCentral was first designed, browsers did not support web sockets, HTML5 did not exist and WebRTC was a ways off. Web technologies have changed a lot since MeshCentral's original design and it's time for a major update. Last year, I started work on MeshCentral2 and it's showing clear signs of progress.

MeshCentral2 has many benefits over the current version:

  • Easy Installation. MeshCentral2 is built entirely in NodeJS and can be installed in minutes on a new server. This contrasts with the older server that took quite a complicated installer.
  • Live web site. With MeshCentral1 you had to hit refresh pages to get the latest information, this is completely different in MeshCentral2 where everything is real time.
  • Multitenancy. MeshCentral2 allows the server to be setup and host many MeshCentral web sites at once. Really nice when you want support many customers.
  • Polymorphic Mesh Agent. While the mesh agent in MeshCentral1 was very portable, it required us to frequently recompile it and release updates to support new features. The new mesh agent paired with MeshCentral2 has a JavaScript runtime built-in. So many new features can be programmed and pushed to the agents with much less effort.
  • Mostly all JavaScript. MeshCentral1 required the developer to transition between JavaScript on the browser, C# on the server and C on the agent. MeshCentral2 is mostly JavaScript end-to-end except for the native C agent. This makes coding a lot simpler and makes sending data between browser-server-agent as easy as sending JSON.

For this and many other raisons, I plan to transition to the MeshCentral2 code base around the start of 2018. At a high level, most users will not notice much except for faster live interface and some feature changes. I plan on building a migration tool to update existing meshes and mesh agents, so nothing super exciting. Like the old code, MeshCentral2 continues to be open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

If you want to try MeshCentral2, early code is available at:

For any other information: